Salted mackerel


Fillet salted mackerel saltless and skin preserved in exceptional quality of sunflower oil, which does not alter the taste of the fish. Handmade product, which is kept in the refrigerator and served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice

κολιός φιλέτο 700γρ 400x300
Παστός κολιός Λέρου

Available in jars of:

  • 380-400gr gross weight
    (pack of 24 pieces/box)
  • 680-700gr gross weight
    (pack of 12 pieces/box))
  • 1180-1200gr gross weight
    (pack of 6 pieces/box))

Also available in plastic propylene box, special for foods packed tightly:

  • 150gr gross weight
    (pack of 24 pieces/box)
  • 750gr gross weight
    (pack of 6 pieces/box)
  • 1660gr gross weight
    (pack of 4 pieces/box)